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Emery is for people who

Emery's users
  • Have a lot on their plate – multiple projects, frequent meetings and busy personal lives
  • Feel occupied by routine and want to make progress in their long-term goals
  • Struggle to organize their personal or professional lives
Emery's user
Emery's user
Emery's user

Own your day

Make your own decisions on what your day should look like

  • Manage all your daily activities on a single screen
  • Start fresh every day; overdues don move into your day automatically
  • Prioritize tasks to focus on what’s important for you today
  • See events from all your Google calendars in one place
  • Increase productivity of your meetings by preparing for them with private notes
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Unload your mind

Trying to remember everything just leads to anxiety

  • Capture your thoughts, meetings notes and tasks in one place
  • Use collections to group things together, potentially by projects, people, or topics, among others
  • Organize your collections – plan and prioritize tasks, pin and sort the most important notes
  • Create tasks directly in notes and schedule them later
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Focus on the task at hand

Different types of tasks require their own kind of focus space

Focus space for meetings
Focus space for meetings
  • Use fullscreen mode for notes to approach blank canvas tasks such as planning a project, brainstorming your next steps, and practicing mindfulness
  • Stay present at your meetings with fullscreen mode for events
  • Prioritize next steps for your projects with collections; organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Book focus time to make sure that nothing interrupts your current task

Track your progress

Create new mental links between your ideas by revising your records

  • Return to any day in the past for a personal retro or just to refresh your memory
  • Review your project progress in collections
  • Use special collections to gather results as you go for a performance review or a personal retro
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