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Multi-calendar support

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emery.to team
Building a daily planner for busy professionals
emery.to team
Building a daily planner for busy professionals

We're happy to announce that emery.to now supports multiple calendars within one account!

What does this mean exactly? Well, multi-calendar support is a bit complicated, so let’s clarify it a bit.

Firstly, you can use multiple google accounts Moreover, you can use multiple calendars within a single account.

Historically, emery.to supported only the first option and synchronized only the main calendar within each account. From this point on, it synchronizes all your calendars across all connected accounts for your convenience.

All your calendars in one place

  • Use multiple calendars to split your professional and family activities
  • In the event of a conference or meeting, import the talk schedule to your
  • Google calendar and see it in emery.to
  • Track your studying schedule

From this moment on, all calendars, including imported ones, are available in emery.to. You can assign custom labels and choose specific colours for each of them.

If there is a calendar you do not use at the moment, you have the option to turn it off. In this case, events won't be shown on the dashboard and this calendar will not be suggested for new events.


How to hide calendars on the dashboard

In addition to disabling calendars in Settings, we have introduced a special menu on the dashboard page where you can easily hide events from some calendars.


Top pick calendar features in emery.to:

  • See all your calendars in one place
  • Add private notes to any event in your schedule
  • Drag'n'drop tasks into your schedule
  • Join calls in one click
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