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New day scheduling and productivity reports

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emery.to team
Building a daily planner for busy professionals
emery.to team
Building a daily planner for busy professionals

We are thrilled to announce that emery.to just received a couple of major updates! With these new features, your days can be easier than ever to schedule. Check them out now to enhance your productivity in the workplace or in your personal life.

Easy Day Scheduling

Scheduling your day is now much more efficient:

  • Drag'n'drop events. You can now edit the duration of events with the cursor, preview all necessary information to better prepare yourself, join calls in one click, and move events around and between days.
  • Drag'n'drop tasks. Also you can promptly transfer tasks to the scheduler to dedicate important time for them.

Productivity reports

Introducing personal reports delivered to your email weekly

With this addition, you are now able to view:

  • Time booked in different calendars as well as time spent on different collections
  • Which days were your busiest
  • Tasks closed overall and per collection
  • Reminders about overdue tasks

To start getting reports, simply turn the feature on in Settings → Account

Use this new feature to get a comprehensive overview of your week. Find trends you didn’t notice before and get reminders for the tasks that slipped your mind.

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Try these new features now:

  • Schedule new events in one click
  • Drag tasks into your day schedule
  • Move events and change their duration with drag'n'drop
  • See where your time goes with weekly reports
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