emery.to for entrepreneurs

  • Focus on tasks that move the needle for your business
  • Organize thoughts and ideas in the same place as tasks
  • Keep routine under control

Make your days productive

  • Organize your tasks, thoughts and time in one place
  • Set and achieve your daily goals by separating the important and the optional
  • Book focus time slots to concentrate on tasks requiring your full attention
  • See events from all your calendars – organize your work and personal life in one place
emery.to – a personal daily planner for freelancers and consultants

Manage different sides of your business

  • Use different collections to group tasks, notes and events by directions and projects
  • Plan and prioritize tasks within collections
  • Organize your ideas and thoughts by pinning the most important notes to keep them at hand
Project management tools in emery.to for entrepreneurs

Boost productivity before and during meetings

  • Prepare for meetings with private notes
  • Capture your notes during the meetings
  • Create action points as tasks right in the meeting notes
Managing meetings in emery.to for entrepreneurs

Review results

  • Review project progress within collections
  • See how much time you spend on a particular collection
  • Conduct personal retros and write down learnings
Reporting tools in emery.to for entrepreneurs