emery.to for managers

  • Focus on tasks that push your career and business forward
  • Organize your regular duties – never forget a thing with emery.to

Boost productivity of your days

  • Organize your tasks, thoughts and time in one place
  • Set your daily priorities right by separating tasks that drive your career forward from routine
  • Book focus time slots right from the app to avoid distraction
  • See events from all your calendars – organize your work and personal life in one place
emery.to – the personal daily planner for managers

Manage projects and domains

  • Group notes, meetings and tasks by projects with collections
  • Quickly get overview on a project – see all notes, meetings and tasks on one screen
  • Plan and prioritize tasks within collections
  • Pin the most important notes such as project plans, to the top of collections
Project management tools in emery.to

Organize your work with reports and peers

  • Use collections to organize your work with reports and peers
  • Get ready for your next 1:1 – see notes from the previous meeting along with tasks and notes related to a person
  • Browse history of collaboration with someone to make performance review feedback meaningful and fact-based
People management tools in emery.to

Make your meetings productive

  • Prepare for meetings with private notes
  • Capture your notes during the meetings so you never forget a thing
  • Create action points as tasks right in the meeting notes
Managing meetings in emery.to

Report results easily

  • Use collections to report results per project
  • Add the most significant achievements to a special collection as you go – get ready for your next performance review easily
Reporting tools in emery.to